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Camtree motorized 3ft e-Slider Dolly with Remote control

Camtree motorized 3ft e-Slider

We will be sharing more and more about our journey and what we are up to through our blog and Facebook page. This is one of the many share stories that we are preparing. We have been using the e-Slider as our main sliders for a while now. I really love this e-Slider producing stunning, smooth sweeping shots, we film your wedding video to cinematically unfold like a beautiful and timeless movie.

The e-Slider is featured of Igus rails & slide adapters with our unique ball bearing wheel design. This full-featured Dolly allows smooth and consistent camera moves with soundless bush. You get perfect shots with e-slider dolly without having to carry around a dolly track system. It has quick release plate for the quick attachment of the camera; the base plate of the quick release has also locking system which is more beneficial while using the slider in slanting position. The dolly platform has 1/4″ and 3/8″ threads to mount it on any standard tripod. The rubber feet in the bottom ends of the slider is provided for preventing the slider from scratches or dust while you put it on the ground or surface. The e-Slider comes with the Travelling Bag and grey foam packing which enables you to put all its parts perfectly to secure it from outer damages and to carry it easily during shooting intervals. All these features make the e-Slider very professional yet very light weight.

The e-Slider should be mounted on two tripods while using heavy camera and one tripod while using light weight camcorders.


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