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Wedding Cinematography Ann Arbor

Y our wedding day is a once in a lifetime experience. After months of careful planning to make your celebration perfect, your emotions will fly by in a heartbeat — laughter shared with friends and family as you prepare for your ceremony, eager anticipation as you walk down the aisle, tears of joy as you say your vows, a loving caress in your first dance, the fun and excitement of your reception. These moments are full of sights, sounds, and motion! These memories are what are left after your wedding day is over.

Craiu Production will capture emotions as moving picture and still picture and preserve them for you to enjoy over and over again and to pass down to future generations. We are very aware and conscious of the look that appeals to today’s modern bride. We believe your wedding film should play like a movie, one that invokes emotion and unique memories that only moving images and music can create.

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